Harsimus Cemetery "If any proof is needed that the power of blues is easier to find than ever, look no further than Darren Deicide," says The Aquarian Weekly. "Surprisingly rugged and rich...Darren Deicide brings more danger to rock n' roll with a single blues lick and a few moments of your time than most contemporary bands do over the course of a tour," says Jersey Beat, who goes on to say, "Darren Deicide’s music is akin to doing shots with the devil himself-it is more than a little frightening and you know the night will end badly, the question is just how badly." Editorialist, music curator, and swing dancer who is also one half of The Wedding Funeral, Darren Deicide is a maverick of his own style of high-energy outsider roots music that acknowledges diabolical traditions while treading its own path through the contemporary world.

Darren Deicide was born on Halloween in the rhythm and blues filled environment of Chicago. Colorful reviews describe his playing style as "blending the best aspects of blues, rock n' roll, and punk." One said this "John Lee Hooker meets Johnny Rotten" has "a fondness for the blues and the attitude of a punk" creating "raw, bluesy punk by a one-man dervish." Darren Deicide's music "sounds like something Joe Strummer might have written had he been raised in the Mississippi Delta." And yet another describes this sound as "the energy of Hasil Adkins, the presence of Robert Johnson, but the tortured delivery of Daniel Johnston." His trademark vocals may "make Satan himself feel as if he is not sinister enough". "His singing has a plaintive cry; a mix of blues with a streak of something ominous, some sort of vague, yet tantalizing danger with a no-holds-barred, sonic intensity," states another review. Like his own multi-cultural background, his music is an eclectic hybrid of many blues-based styles, but remains, as described in another review, as "good, pissed snot-infested rock n roll". "[Darren] Deicide really is in a class all by himself; I can't think of any modern act to whom I could compare him," said Independent Review.