NEW! The Blues Non Est Mortuum
$25 (vinyl record)

Darren Deicide's first full-length release in 7 years. The album features appearances by Reverend Adam Campbell from the Church of Satan as well as St. Louis songwriter, Edgefield C. Johnston, and was recorded at multi-platinum recording studio, Water Music. The album includes a 12-page, full-color booklet by designed by Lisa DiLeo and comes with free digital downloads of the complete album.

Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions T-shirt
$10 (S, M, and L)

This new shirt celebrates the release of Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions. It says, "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria." Be proud of your drunkenness with this white print on black shirt.

"The Cocaine Song" T-shirt & DVD combo
$15 (DVD / S,M)

One of a kind t-shirts from "The Cocaine Song" video premiere are now available in S and M alongside a special DVD which includes promos of the video and extra footage!

Temptation and the Taboo, Part 1
$10 (CD)

This second release on Ever Reviled Records is a spooky and haunting romp that pushes the boundaries of sound. Includes original artwork by Jamie B. Wolcott.

Darren Deicide stickers (3.5 inch circle)

New stickers! One style has the notorious glare and the other is of the new logo.

Suite 13 Records Compilation Vol. 1:
In The Study WIth the Candle Stick
$5 (CD)

A compilation CD that has the song "Little Ol' Snake" on it and a tasty sampling of acoustic music.

Classic T-shirts
$15 (S, M, L, and XL)

High style attire that's sure to impress everyone at the next boogie down roots rock show. Printed on USA-made sweatshop-free t-shirts. Front has the old logo and back has Ever Reviled Records logo. This will be the first and last pressing of these shirts as the old moniker fades away. Available in S-XL.

NEW! The Blues Non Est Mortuum T-shirt

In celebration of The Blues Non Est Mortuum's official release, exclusive new shirts are now available! The shirts feature an original design by Lisa DiLeo, designer of the album's 12-page booklet. Shirts are white print on black and come in S, M, L as well as ladies' sizes S and XS.

Bomb This Joint 7-inch record and digital downloads
$5 (vinyl record)

The first vinyl release available exclusively only on this site! Comes with free digital downloads for those who don't have turntables! This includes the brand new song "Bomb This Joint" and "Hudson River Hangover" recorded on reel-to-reel.

The Jersey Devil is Here
$10 (CD)

The latest CD that was recorded on reel-to-reel and has songs like "Napalm, Death and Fire" and "The Cocaine Song" on it. This is bare bones rock n' roll and an exemplar of the live sound. Packaged in an awesome digipak format!

Secondhand Darren Deicide T-shirts
$5 (L or XL)

That's right. You read it right. $5. A great deal. The Darren Deicide snake logo printed on the front. Only available in L and XL. (S and M sizes are SOLD OUT!)

CD and T-shirt combo deal
$20 (CD & T-shirt)

Get any CD and the old shirt together for a discount price!

T-Shirt Size
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Darren Deicide pins
$0.50 (1in square)

1-inch square pins with either the Darren Deicide snake logo or the cover for Temptation and the Taboo, Part 1 by Jamie B. Wolcott.

Binge Smoking and Chain Drinking
CD compilation
$5 (CD)

A compilation CD that has the song, "Static" on it along with a slew of underground punk rock. Courtesy of Husskieskunk Radio.

Rockin Til' the Apoclypse
$10 (CD)

The debut CD on Ever Reviled Records. Done mostly in one take this is an early representation of the sound with older and more obscure tracks.