Upcoming Shows Including this Friday in Washington DC, and Reviews in Horns Magazine

It has been about 1 year since I've played solo. The last show was Shred Fest 6 in Maryland. The Wedding Funeral has been occupying much of my time, but with the right offer, I have no problem coming out of the woodwork. The first show is this Friday in Washington DC at the legendary Dive! For over 50 years, Dive has been graced by musicians that include Bruce Springsteen, the Ramones, Bonnie Raitt, Al Jarreau, and Emmylou Harris. The information is down below. Then Saturday, August 24th, I am going down to Trenton, NJ for the American Dissonance Festival. This will be a fundraiser for the sanctuary at NJ Weedman's Joint. Tickets are on sale now, so get them while you can! The infernal boogie is rising again.

Pride month marked the return of Horns Magazine, for which I have taken the reigns as music reviewer, and have in-depth reviews of Heilung and the Cocks latest releases. Personally, I think you should order a print copy as it makes a nice coffee table read for the prudes in your family.

Darren Deicide Live in Washington DC
1610 20th St. NW, Washington DC

Facebook event page


Interview with From the Dungeon Podcast, the Wedding Funeral summer tour, and show in Washington DC

I was recently interviewed by From the Dungeon Podcast and it was a blast. The main topic was the Wedding Funeral's upcoming US tour, Anguish Across America, but we shot the shit on a lot of subjects, so pop open a beer and join us!

Episode 41: Darren Deicide (The Wedding Funeral) on YouTube
Episode 41: Darren Deicide (The Wedding Funeral) on Soundcloud

Anguish Across America: The Wedding Funeral's 2019 American Tour

I've been spending a lot of time working on the Wedding Funeral, but when the offer is right and on the table, I will pick up the axe and board, and get to work. That is why recently I have booked the honor of playing the Dive in Washington DC. For 50 years, the memorabilia-laden walls of the Dive have hosted acts including Bruce Springsteen, the Ramones, Bonnie Raitt, Al Jarreau, and Emmylou Harris. Now, it's my turn. Join me on Friday, August 16th in DC.

Darren Deicide Plays DIVE August 16th


Case Dismissed: The Story of Darren and Ethel vs. The State of New Jersey

Our story...
On March 4th, 2017, the artists known as Darren Deicide and Ethel Lynn Oxide were arrested during a warrantless search that resulted in the attempted indictment of 7 felony counts, including 2 first-degree felonies, related to cannabis growing. After crowdfunding for their legal costs, Darren and Ethel were able to mount a sophisticated defense and all charges were dropped on October 26, 2018.

Case Dismissed: The Story of Darren and Ethel vs. The State of New Jersey

There is so much more to say, and it will be said. Thank you CrowdJustice for doing this piece. To those that stood by us, you have our eternal gratitude. It would be impossible to thank you all individually.

Standby for the most epic victory party.

The Darren and Ethel Victory Party and Fundraiser

Saturday, January, 19th, 2019, McGinley Square Pub and Rokin Vapes presents a victory fundraiser party for Freedom Grow, in celebration of artists Darren Deicide and Ethel Lynn Oxide's recent case dismissal for cannabis related charges. The party will include notable speakers, a fundraising raffle, and a karaoke after-party.

Third Side Perspectives: Cannabis Legalization

Where is prohibition going? How did we even get here? We will be discussing the current state of cannabis legalization and most likely our case on Speak of the Devil's Third Side Perspectives. The show goes live Saturday, December, 29th at 3pm EST.

Tune in to Third Side Perspectives: Cannabis Legalization

Freedom Grow

There's no way to repay what we were given other than to pay it forward to others who are in similar positions. Ethel and I will be talking a lot about our case in the coming days, and I'll be telling you all more about the upcoming benefit for Freedom Grow in a future email.


Shred Fest 6, Here I Come! (with some Wedding Funeral news on the side)

This Friday, I am playing Shred Fest 6 - Barrels & Breakdowns in Maryland as the one solo artist that can show them new ways to shred.

At Shred Fest, the mixologists of Warehouse Bar have conjured up tribute drinks for all the acts playing. Get ready to put down "Darren"s with yours truly.

This promo makes it seem like I'm questing to Middle Earth instead of Maryland!

The Wedding Funeral announces the upcoming release of their debut full-length album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited, during the entire month of October. The release begins with an exclusive pre-release tour that will span from New Jersey to Kentucky and then culminate in the official release on Halloween with the release party in Salem, Massachusetts.

The schedule for the upcoming October release dates can be found at theweddingfuneral.com and will be continually updated as new dates are booked.


Third Side Intelligence on Religious Liberty Task Force, and Shred Fest 6

Once again, I have been tapped on the shoulder to join the Third Side Intelligence segment by Rev. Adam Campbell's Speak of the Devil. I'm always flattered when my thoughts on the human condition are of any interest to people and though now I concentrate on music and other endeavors, taking the piss out of society still remains a hobby of mine. So join us on Friday, August 24th at 9PM EST to partake of the fun as we post-mortem the cadaver of church and state separation.

TSI: The Religious Liberty Task Force

And I have been invited on board for Shred Fest 6 in Maryland this September, because they have recognized that there are many ways to shred. I will be nestled comfortably among some of the heaviest of bands on the east coast:

Poster for Shred Fest 6


Daily Vault Reviews The Blues Non Est Mortuum, and this Saturday I Host Hokum!

The Daily Vault recently reviewed The Blues Non Est Mortuum, and I have to say for me, this is one of the most flattering compliments I could receive.

"[The Blues Non Est Mortuum] translates to 'The Blues Is Not Dead,' and [Darren] Deicide is not only proof of that, but is bordering on forming a new subgenre of blues with his murky, unconventional approach that's oddly enticing."

Full Review by The Daily Vault of The Blues Non Est Mortuum LP
Get The Blues Non Est Mortuum at darrendeicide.com

And ladies and gentlemen, as first deacon and co-founder of Hokum Productions, I’d like to invite you all to my return as deacon and MC. Hokum Productions returns to the Jersey City Theater Center on June 2nd for its summer edition. Advance tickets are on sale now at: ticketfly.com/event/1695828-jctc-music-hokum-jersey-city/.

This showcase will feature the New Jersey swamp rock band Reese Van Riper, alternative Americana artist Dolly Rocker Ragdoll on tour from Ohio, as well as black roots artists Vienna Carroll and Keith Johnston. The event will be MC'ed by blues artist, Church of Satan priest, and Hokum co-founder, JC Oddities Market, Jersey City Food Not Bombs, and more to be announced.

Doors at 7pm
Merseles Studios at the Jersey City Theater Center
339 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ
$10 and tickets available in advance at ticketfly.com/event/1695828-jctc-music-hokum-jersey-city/


The Non Sequitur Show, and Live at the Jersey Shore Festival

On Hexennacht, I was the guest on The NonSequitur Show as part of a live segment "Ask a Satanist", taking questions from the hosts and the chat room. I think I’m becoming a B-list personality in the atheist podcasting scene. Boy, if you want a glimpse of how the internet enables pointless buffoonery, you don't just need the President of the USA. Take a look at that side bar. Thank you Adam Campbell of Speak of the Devil for cracking the whip and helping bring in the herd out there.

“Ask a Satanist: With Darren Deicide from the Church of Satan” on The NonSequitur Show

This Friday, I am playing the Jersey Shore Festival 2018. I’ll be headlining the Hemingway’s show at 9PM and the whole festival does not have a door cover. You can’t beat that price. Come down and help me trash my hotel room.

Jersey Shore Festival: Darren Deicide at Hemingway's

The Jersey Shore Festival has established itself as the premier emerging artist festival on the east coast including car shows, action sports, charity events, food trucks, the JSF Vendor Village, and more throughout the weekend.


Godless Cranium Interview, and Back from Tour Show at Bobby Dee's

Ladies and ruffians, I am back from tour and throwing a back from tour Cinco de Mayo party at a new, old bar that I am excited about, Bobby Dee's! This place has been picking up steam in the Jersey City scene and for good reason. It may be the shelled peanuts all over the place, the bullet hole windows, or the down home welcoming crowd there that gives it notoriety. It is a beacon of realness in a city battening down the hatches against a yuppie philistine horde. I'm coming hard with rabble rousing boogie and with me, I'm bringing Nathan Leigh and Anna Oh, some awesome up and coming locals. To top it off, your MC is the ever terrifying Ethel Lynn Oxide of The Wedding Funeral. We are going to have a damn good time, and you will regret it if you miss it.

The Cinco de Mayo Debut of Darren Deicide, Nathan Leigh, and Anna Oh

Much of the Jersey Juke Invasion included pictures of our Blues Hajj on Instagram. We visited many arcane sites.

Darren Deicide on Instagram

Satanism has survived a barrage of ignorance and naivety for decades. Now it seems as though some of the discussion can move beyond that, but the irony is that certain misconceptions still lie in the way for the secular world. I was on a live webcast of the Godless Cranium atheist podcast and fielded questions from the audience. Where does Satanism depart from humanism? Why bother with magic? I'm happy to say that this discussion was sophisticated enough to get into the nuances and details of these often misunderstood topics, even among atheists.

Talking with Darren Deicide of the Church of Satan

Oh, and we roasted Aden Ardennes on a Trapezoidal Roast!

The Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes

Stay strange, people.


Catching Up and Upcoming Jersey Juke Invasion Tour

So much has happened since we last talked. Let's get right to it.

First of all, I grew up and got on Mail Chimp. If you’re interested in being on the list, drop me email at darrendeicide@gmail.com. Secondly, Hokum!'s last show sold the fuck out. Indeed, it is kicking ass. Thirdly, I did a thing.

Satanism in Half a Minute (Part 2)

And the reviews of The Blues Non Est Mortuum keep rolling in. Stanky Hampster recently got their paws on the album:
"This album perfectly captures the haunting and dark emotional aspects of blues- like a Rob Zombie horror movie set in the Southwestern regions of Tucson, Arizona- with songs like "Throwing It All Away" and "Killing the Dead". Do yourself a favor: roll up a doob, dim the lights, and lay back on the couch when listening to The Blues Non Est Mortuum."

I agree.

Stanky Hampster review of The Blues Non Est Mortuum

Horns Magazine also got their full review up on the album:
"New Jersey's Devil, Darren Deicide, is back with a new full length album [, The Blues Non Est Mortuum,] that's hotter than hellfire...The sound is refreshingly raw, with very little overdubs, so what you hear is mostly pure blues magic."

Horns Magazine review of The Blues Non Est Mortuum

And now that that's all aside, the announcement is out there. Darren Deicide and The Wedding Funeral announce the Jersey Juke Invasion Tour, April 5th-April 21st, 2018. The tour will coincide with the Mississippi Juke Joint Festival and span Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina, including the Pre-Juke Joint Festival Party with Darren Deicide at The Shack Up Inn on the historical Hopson Plantation. The tour is in celebration of the new releases, Beneath the Floor Boards (Covered in Feces) by The Wedding Funeral and The Blues Non Est Mortuum by Darren Deicide, and will feature performances by both projects. For full schedules, visit darrendeicide.com and theweddingfuneral.com.


A Great Many Things (The Jersey Journal, Upcoming Tour with the Wedding Funeral, Hokum! w/ Nathan Gray)

Well, well, it's been a while since I've posted to the list and in that time, so much has been going on. So let's get started. First, many of you know about Hokum!, which began as a ruckus Sunday showcase in the back room of McGinley Square Pub. Hokum has now solidified a deal with the Jersey City Theater Company, and we are making our debut in a big splash. Nathan Gray, of the seminal post-hardcore band Boysetsfire, is playing our debut. My new project with Ethel Lynn Oxide, The Wedding Funeral, will be opening up along with NJ locals Joe Billy, and Hoag and the Weasel. It's going to be killer, and the seats are limited. This could sell out, so I highly advise advance tickets.

Information on Hokum debut at JCTC this Saturday
Advance tickets are available here

The Jersey Journal recently printed 2 articles, one that mentions Hokum and another that is entirely dedicated to covering the upcoming Hokum event and includes an interview with yours truly.

"3 Ways to Make Hudson's Music Scene Better"
"Red-Hot Hokum! Glows in the Fires of Hell for Next Show"

And this April, I will be doing a joint tour with the Wedding Funeral to Mississippi for the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale. Oh yeah. The shows shall be great, and just to give an idea of the greatness, here's an example of a show. To warm everyone up for the Juke Joint Festival, I will be playing the night before at the Shack Up Inn in Clarskdale, MS. This historical set of shacks is the former site of the Hopson Plantation and has hosted Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Pinetop Perkins, Big Jack Johnson, and a host of other legends. As the dates unfold, I will update you. Until then, I'll see you all at the Hokum debut this Saturday, where the Wedding Funeral will rise from the aethers.