Back from Tour, and Kentuckiana Blues Radio Show

I am back from The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America. Every time I do this, it's an enlightening experience. Traveling and playing every day gives you a hell of a vantage point on the state of music and the country. I wish I could keep the momentum going, but some serious things need to come to fruition back home. Buckle in. From here, it gets interesting...

Many thanks to some who really made it happen!

"Boom Power Boogie", a new song off The Blues Non Est Mortuum, was recently featured on Kentuckiana Blues Radio Show. I'll say it once and perhaps a few more times. The blues non est mortuum! Give it a listen to whet your appetite for the blues.

Kentuckiana Blues Radio Show
The episode featuring "Boom Power Boogie


The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America Begins this Friday

Here we go. In support of the new LP, The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America begins this Friday and will span Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and West Virginia. Notable stops include Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinatti, Nashville, and Chicago as well as the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Of course I will have the new LP in all its glory as well as new Blues Non Est Mortuum shirts. Below is the schedule, but full details can be seen at darrendeicide.com.

Darren Deicide
The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America Tour
August 25 - September 10

8/25/17 Friday - Bube's Brewery, Mount Joy, PA
8/26/17 Saturday - The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
8/28/17 Monday - PJ's Lager House, Detroit, MI
8/29/17 Tuesday - Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH
8/30/17 Wednesday - Third Street Dive, Louisville, KY
8/31/17 Thursday - The Crying Wolf, Nashville, TN
9/1/17 Friday - 2017 Muddy Roots Music Festival
9/2/17 Saturday - 2017 Muddy Roots Music Festival
9/3/17 Sunday - 2017 Muddy Roots Music Festival
9/7/17 Thursday - Reggies, Chicago, IL
9/8/17 Friday - Black Swamp Arts Festival, Howard's Club H, Bowling Green, OH
9/9/17 Saturday - Stone Tavern at Michel's, Kent, OH
9/10/17 Sunday - The Empty Glass, Charleston, WV

Facebook event page for tour with links to shows

The future is strange and interesting. This may be the last hurrah before some serious shit hits the fan. See you on the road. We are going to tear it up.


Interview on Hudson County Skvm Talk and the Hokum Productions Launch Party

What happens when 3 Hudson County scum bags get together over beer, hit record on a video camera, and decide to discuss the world? Well, you talk about almost everything. This fun and casual interview reminds m of a really drunk and broke episode of Charlie Rose, so get comfortable and hit play. If you're from Hudson County, this interview will be of special interest. It all ends with an exclusive playing of "My Star-Spangled Banner" from The Blues Non Est Mortuum LP.

Episode 3 of Hudson County Skvm Talk with Darren Deicide

And this Saturday is going to be a hell of a show as Hokum re-launches at McGinley Square Pub in Jersey City! Doing the Sunday Hokum! showcase allowed those of us who came out to see some great talent, and this line up presents some of the creme de la creme. Out of System Transfer is coming down from Brooklyn, and Bible Gun and Gina Tolentino will be there, as well as yours truly. This will be my last hurrah before tour begins. All the information is down below.

The Hokum Productions Launch Party on Facebook
The flyer for the Hokum Productions Launch Party

See you at the show.


Interview with Hudson County Skvm Talk

Hudson County is teeming with some very dubious talent, like myself. That also includes the Hudson County Skvm Bags, who just recently played the final Pearl Studios show in Jersey City and delivered their ultra-sardonic thrash. "Emo Fag Holocaust" is a great song. Well, unbeknownst to me, they have started a new podcast, "Hudson County Skvm Talk", and asked me to do an interview. How can I resist the chance to shoot the shit with some fellow Hudson County scum bags? I will be making the appearance on August 10th. Expect the unexpected.

Hudson County Skvm Talk


The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America Tour and Shirt

Hear ye, hear ye! I do hereby announce the Blues Non Est Mortuum in America tour, and in celebration, the release of The Blues Non Est Mortuum original shirt design. The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America is August 25th-September 10th and will span Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and West Virginia. Notable stops include Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinatti, Nashville, and Chicago as well as the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio. A full tour schedule can be seen here and at the Facebook event page.

In conjunction with the tour, available now is a new Blues Non Est Mortuum T-shirt design. These shirts are exclusively available on tour and at the merch page for $10. They feature an original design by Lisa DiLeo, designer of the The Blues Non Est Mortuum’s 12-page booklet. Shirts are white print on black and come in S, M, L as well as ladies’ sizes S and XS.

See you at the dive.


The Latest Horns Magazine and the Launch of Hokum! Productions

In celebration of the summer solstice passing, the 2nd issue of Horns Magazine is out, and my article, "A Hymn to Ninkasi, The First Goddess of Beer", is included. Under the "Tools of the Craft" section, you'll see my study on Ninkasi and some of the interesting things brewers and archaeologists working together have discovered, including the translation of an ancient, Sumerian tablet dedicated to Ninkasi. Also, Zoth Ommog reviews my new LP, The Blues Non Est Mortuum, available exclusively at darrendeicide.com. "New Jersey's Devil, Darren Deicide, is back with a new full length album that's hotter than hellfire." -Zoth Ommog, Horns Magazine. Horns Magazine is the first magazine dedicated to the queer pagan world. Each issue is chock full of history, reviews, and of course, lurid photos of naked men. You can get the new issue in digital and print, so get on it!

Horns Magazine issue #2 available here!

And you thought Hokum! was gone? You were wrong!

Hokum! has transformed from a Sunday showcase into a production company. Hokum Productions presents alternative roots music and culture in uniquely real settings. The launch party will be Saturday, August 19th, MC'ed by guest deacon, Jersey City writer and comedian, Melissa Surach, and will feature Out of System Transfer, Darren Deicide, Bible Gun, and Gina Tolentino. All the information can be found below or at the Facebook event page.

The Hokum! Productions Launch Party on Facebook

Hokum! began as a monthly Sunday showcase in the back room of McGinley Square Pub, a Jersey City craft beer bar that was saved from abandonment in 2015. Its trademarks were fully acoustic, down home shows where the gap between performer and audience was bridged with energy. International, national, and local touring musicians from the alternative roots scene graced the stage, and as shows became larger, Hokum! transformed into Hokum Productions, now prepared to feature new, alternative, and strange roots music and culture. Hokum! Productions is "Music that is built to last, and people that are going to hell." Unique and formal attire is always encouraged.


Hokum! Polaroids are Uploaded

It was a whole year of magic, fun, and of course, hokum! Ethel Lynn Oxide documented much of it with her Polaroid and kept a small, sacred altar on the fireplace mantel of McGinley Square Pub. Well, we sat down with all those photos and scanned them into a single folder. Some who were a part of it have already been tagged, but feel free to tag any others and pass around the memories.

Hokum! Polaroids on Facebook

Standby, because Hokum! is about to transmogrify into something even more nonsensical than what existed before.


Appearance on the First Live Videocast of "Third Side Intelligence" Tomorrow Night and Old Style Music Nights Takes Over Soul Food

I have a last minute announcement. It's time to let out the Agent Provocateur again. I have had the honor of being asked, along with Magister David Harris, Patrick DeMarco, and the always engaging Rev. Adam Campbell, to participate in a virtual round table on the subject of Russia and the Trump campaign. I suspect you will hear perspectives that you will not be hearing from your regularly scheduled programming. This will be the first videocast version of "Third Side Intelligence" and goes live at 10pm EST tomorrow, June, 13th. This link has all the information that can plug you into the broadcast.

Speak of the Devil Presents Third Side Intelligence: Russia & Trump’s Campaign

Tom, from Old Style Music Nights, was recently on Soul Food podcast playing cuts from bands that will be at Pirate Farm Fest 2017, but he also managed to slip in "Throwing it All Away" from The Blues Non Est Mortuum LP. Here you have a crop of great modern roots music, and I'm not just saying that because my song is on here. Bone up on your Dutch and give it a listen!

Soul Food 02-06-2017 Pirate Farm Fest Interview

PS If you're in Europe, Old Style Music Nights is the official distributor of The Blues Non Est Mortuum LP. Skirt international postage fees and email oldstylemusicnights@gmail.com for ordering information.


Season of the Witch Review in Horns Magazine Up and Sister Dorothy Reviews The Blues Non Est Mortuum

I'm proud to officially be a contributing author to Horns Magazine, the world's only queer occult magazine. I'm not much of an authority on being queer, but apparently, my passions for the arcane are appreciated by the staff. As such, I was commissioned to do an in-depth review of the book Season of the Witch: How the Occult Save Rock n' Roll by Peter Bebergal. I was quite glad to see that someone had decided to write an exposition on this topic. The intimate relationship Rock n' Roll has had with the occult world has always been a source of fascination for me, and sometimes I wondered if I was the only one. This book aggregated all of those threads, and my review goes over this unique tome, while bringing up some questions. Well, Horns has posted the review as a teaser for the launch of its upcoming 2nd issue. Read it here!

Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock n’ Roll, an in-depth review by Rev. Darren Deicide

Also, thank you to Dar Stellabotta, who got a hold of the new album, The Blues Non Est Mortuum, and did a nice little write up on her blog, Sister Dorothy's Music Blog. "[Darren] Deicide takes the blues to a new level in [The Blues Non Est Mortuum]!...Not to mention Deicide rocks on the guitar! This album is unique and awesome, true art I would say." Check it out!

The Blues Non Est Mortuum review in Sister Dorothy's Music Blog

Berenice Records is still interested in blogs, websites, webcasts, magazines, radio shows, podcasts, distributors, record stores, and any others that would be interested in reviewing, giving airplay to, or stocking the new vinyl release from Darren Deicide, The Blues Non Est Mortuum. Email bluesnonestmortuumpromo@gmail.com.


"Dozen Questions" Interview with EyePlug Magazine

Interviews are tedious social experiments. That's why I sat down with Eyeplug Magazine as the subject of their "Dozen Questions" interview segment. Breaking things down into 12 simple questions is the type of no-nonsense concision that I appreciate. And yet within 12 questions, they managed to touch on more than a long-winded Rolling Stone article sometimes does. So you have no excuse to take a few minutes out and read the interview. That's right, I'm click-baiting you. We talked about life, liberty, and the pursuit of drunkenness as well as The Blues Non Est Mortuum, the state of the world, and the uncharted territory of future projects.

Eyeplug Magazine's "Dozen Questions" with Darren Deicide


"Killing the Dead" on BlowUpRadio.com and the final Hokum! at McGinley Square Pub

Go check out BlowUpRadio.com, the home of new NJ underground music. They gave "Killing the Dead" a spin on their recent episode. "Killing the Dead", a battle cry against mass complacency, is off The Blues Non Est Mortuum.

BlowUpRadio.com presents new NJ music broadcast live on our station 3/20/17 @ 8pm

The Blues Non Est Mortuum is available at darrendeicide.com. The album features appearances by Reverend Adam Campbell from the Church of Satan as well as St. Louis songwriter, Edgefield C. Johnston, and was recorded at multi-platinum recording studio, Water Music. The album includes a 12-page, full-color booklet by designed by Lisa DiLeo and comes with free digital downloads of the complete album.

Get The Blues Non Est Mortuum

I'm coming out my hole. And this is it. The final Hokum! goes down this coming Sunday. Those who were there will forever remember the raucous in the back room of McGinley Square Pub. Now is the last time, and it ends just as it began with the same performers as the opening show plus the edition of a Hokum! favorite, Love Underwater from the great state of New Jersey. Come on time for the opening and final sermon. Nothing is stopping me from being there this time. All the information can be found here.


Independent Review on The Blues Non Est Mortuum and Announcements About Hokum! and Canadian Summer Tour

Kent Manthie, at The Independent Review, first picked up my demo around a decade ago when he worked for Reviewer Magazine in San Diego. I had just started playing solo. 10 years later and he's just reviewed The Blues Non Est Mortuum.

"I‘ve been a fan of Darren’s since I reviewed, I believe it was, his first CD, Rockin’ ‘Til The Apocalypse. Listening to it, the whole thing just grabbed me and really made an impact on me. I loved it!...The way Darren sings, that emotion he puts into it, is one of the things I like so much about Deicide’s music in general...Yes, [The Blues Non Est Mortuum] is a delight to listen to."

"The Blues Ain't Dead!" review of The Blues Non Est Mortuum in The Independent Review

1 year ago, something magical happened. During one of the many front-seat tour conversations between me and me lady, an idea emerged to add music and culture to our neck of the woods. It was just an idea until, serendipitously, McGinley Square Pub appeared. From there, it took on a life of its own. Many touring acts, Jersey Journal articles, and foot stomps later and time has come to move on.

For a whole year, I served as deacon to an unholy congregation who demanded original Americana. It has been a pleasure. I now formally announce that the Sunday Hokum! showcase is coming to an end at McGinley Square Pub. There will not be one in February, and this March will be the 1 year anniversary show. April will be the final one, and we will be sure to end it beautifully. In the meantime, the 1-year anniversary show will be amazing and a great example of what an incredible array of talent I've had the privilege of being a host to. We are Hokum! and we shall return.

Hokum! 1-year Anniversary Show: Wheatley Matthews from OH

And after a great amount of feedback, the fates have said it is time to go north. I will be touring Canada this July, my 2nd international tour in a year. There are still some dates open, but they're going fast, so private message or email darrendeicide@gmail.com if you're interested. The blues non est mortuum in Canada. Darren Deicide - The Blues Non Est Mortuum in Canada Tour


The Blues Non Est Mortuum named in Jersey Journal for Top 10 Local Albums of 2016

It was a year of personal highs and lows. This was indeed a year of extremes. I welcome the oncoming chaos. Some of the highest points for me involved my music, and the year was kaboshed with a record and a European tour that brought some amazing new friends in my life. So what a cherry on top to have The Blues Non Est Mortuum be included in Jim Testa's top local albums of 2016 at NJ.com and The Jersey Journal. Thank you, Jim!

"Hudson's year in music a story of new venues and good vibes"

No matter what obstacles you think are in your way, you've survived another year on this big ball of dirt. You have reasons to celebrate. Happy new year and thank you for all your support!


Listen to Jersey Beat podcast!

Jersey Beat podcast shared some of their favorite music from the end of 2016, on episode #150 "One Last Blast from 2016", and played "Boom Power Boogie" from The Blues Non Est Mortuum. It's great to hear all this original Jersey music, so tune in for some underground edumication.

"One Last Blast from 2016", Episode #150 of Jersey Beat podcast


New Article in the Jersey Journal About Hokum!

I was interviewed for a new article that is now up at NJ.com and will go to print in this Friday's Jersey Journal. It goes through some history of the Jersey City roots scene and gets into some interesting primal philosophy.

"Acoustic bluesman Darren Deicide to release new album"


Old Style Music Nights Review and New Song Up

The first review of The Blues Non Est Mortuum is out from Old Style Music Nights. "[The Blues Non Est Mortuum] is not an easy-listening, happy, joy-joy kinda' album. It’s grim, angry, and hard to put your finger on. But that makes the trip so much more interesting."

Old Style Music Nights Review of The Blues Non Est Mortuum

If you missed the pre-orders, you can still get the album off darrendeicide.com. And to celebrate the release, I have uploaded "My Star-Spangled Banner", a new song on The Blues Non Est Mortuum, into the player! This new song is, well, my declaration of independence. Go to the homepage for a listen.


I am back from Europe with some news for Europe and am ready for New York City! Oh, and let us Speak of the Devil...

The Blues Non Est Mortuum in Europa is over, and I am back in this ridiculous country we call America. There is a lot that could be said about the experience and the interesting exchange between Europe and America. My experience with tour was so rich I feel I could write a long essay about it now. I'm not about to do that, but there are some things that did come into view that I'd like to express while it's fresh in the head.

The tour showed me that those of us that are exploring roots music are up against a very large beast, and regardless of where we are, we are exploring how we relate to it. What beast, you ask? There are people who like music. They listen to it and have trite favorites. They may not know why, but they're just passing fancies. When faced with new and challenging sounds that do not fit their comfort zones, they close their minds for fear of new ideas and possibilities. And through this banal, rote prism, they view the world. Then there are some people for whom music is the very fiber of their life. Music is the pulse that keeps their heart beating. It is the sixth sense that gives their existence meaning. It informs their aesthetics and envelopes them in art. The roots scene in Europe showed me more possibilities, and I hope I showed them some as well. One common thread I see from America to Europe is complete disenfranchisement with this said culture of banality. And thus, roots music is the clarion call to return music back to its symbolic and ritual heritage. It is the primal wolf howl that is telling us not to forget how important music is to what makes us human. We have forgotten, just like we've forgotten a lot of things (if some of us ever knew them at all). America, in particular, has really forgotten quite a bit. It has forgotten its rebellious, independent spirit and snuggled up to the corporate teet. I didn't see one television in any bar in Europe, and what a difference it made. Europeans showed me a level of enthusiasm and interest that I couldn't beat out of a Millenial that had seen me play 10 times. Conversely though, I could see the ideals of Americana permeating roots music out there, to the point where at times it was a bit caricaturized. Do they not even know that Americans have abandoned that past? That most Americans don't even know what it means to be a "Son of Liberty" or a "Daughter of the Revolution" anymore? That most wouldn't even know a musician like Louis Armstrong from their own asshole? They traded it all in for iPhones and staged presidential debates, and this is what now defines freedom. It is incumbent upon us Americans to redefine Americanism into a living, breathing form. There is much work to be done.

That being said, I am happy to announce that Old Style Music Nights is my European distributor for The Blues Non Est Mortuum! This will save you folks in Europe a much needed headache of long waits and exorbitant postage fees. Europeans, contact Tom over at Old Style Music Nights HQ at oldstylemusicnights@gmail.com for more information.

Did you catch the live interview with Rev. Adam Campbell's "Speak of the Devil"? Here it is not-so-live. Rev. Adam Campbell plays some cuts off The Blues Non Est Mortuum as we waxed philosophical on music and Americanism.

And now that I've popped my European cherry, it's time to bring it on home. I do hereby announce the New York City release party for The Blues Non Est Mortuum. Saturday, November 12th, it all goes down at Otto's Shrunken Head, my home away from home. I've put together a stellar lineup, including locals and internationals. Plus, in the spirit of redefining Americanism, I have decided to have a fundraiser raffle for the ACLU-NJ. I'll be donating a copy of The Blues Non Est Mortuum for the raffle, and Horns Magazine has jumped on board! I'll be announcing prizes shortly, but all the information is down below. I shall see you there, my fellow heathens.


New Song Available for Listening, One Week Left for Pre-Ordering, and an Upcoming Live Interview on "Speak of the Devil"

The first song available for listening off The Blues Non Est Mortuum is now up! You've got less than a week to pre-order the album, so this is my enticement, and you can hear it at DarrenDeicide.com. The song "Static" features St. Louis musician-songwriter, Edgefield C. Johnston. I don't like giving away too much about songs, as I like people to take what they want out of it. "Static" is a lament of sorts. If you dig it, pass it around. We also re-posted "Little Ol' Snake" and "Bomb This Joint" into the player to boot. The pre-order ends this Friday, so get it now! Until October 1st, the official release date, The Blues Non Est Mortuum is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $15. After October 1st, the retail price will be set at $25. Pre-orders will be shipped on October 1st and are available exclusively at BereniceRecords.com.

This Friday, I will be the live guest for "Speak of the Devil", a segment of the Third Side Network. I will be interviewed by Rev. Adam Campbell of the Church of Satan. He'll be playing The Blues Non Est Mortuum right off the vinyl as well as opening up the YouTube channel for questions and comments from the audience. So you can finally ask me the boxers-or-briefs question right here at 9:30 MST or 11:30 EST this Friday, September 30th...

"Speak of the Devil" - Tune in for the live interview!

And with the release on October 1st and Europe right around the corner, there is much more to come.